Our Mission

Our Human Resources Management policy


The HIT Group Human Resources management first objective is to promote the available human capital to the prosecution of the company’s business and strategic goals.


We want to establish ourselves as a reference in the workplace and be sought by the local communities in which our units are part, namely by its sustainability, integrity, professionalism and equity.


With a permanent workforce of about 200 professionals whose involvement (and development) we encourage, we stimulate our employees to grow with us, sharing challenges and successes in an environment of continuous learning.


During the crop season, when we receive and process fresh tomatoes, our workforce more than doubles and that’s when we can see our factories laboring in full capacity.


We are determined to provide a safe and healthy workplace to all our employees and visitors, as well as to the local communities. All labor activities of the HIT Group are subjected to a rigorous approach in matter of health and safety, in order to reduce the risks, prevent accidents and diseases, providing and maintaining security on the plants and workplaces in general.


The HIT Group respects and promotes the principles, values and standards relating to human rights.


We promote a culture of respect for our employees and business partners and reject any discrimination based on gender, race, religion or personal options. The HIT Group rejects all forms of forced labor and we only employ individuals aged 18 years or more.


We are proud to promote a culture of dialogue and consensus with employees and social partners, an essential condition for the efficiency and efficacy of the organizational productivity of employees and for the reinforcement of the values and culture of HIT Group.